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ClemsonJeeper 03-09-2011 01:46 PM

Read this before posting a "unparsable result" / "unknown response" thread
If you are receiving the "Unparsable result error", please do not just find another thread and post in it.

The unparsable result error is caused by any number of different things. It is a generic error that occurs when the forum sends a result back to the phone that the phone does not understand.

In order to report a unparsable result error I need the following information (in a new thread):

1) What Forum this happens on
2) What device you are using (Android? iPhone?)
3) What version of Forum Runner add-on and client
4) What you were attempting to do when you got the unparsable result (eg: going to a specific forum or thread, responding to a private message, etc)

Thanks for your support!

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