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Default iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Client Changes - 12-15-2010, 02:28 PM

The top post of this thread will always contain the most recent changes list of the iPhone/iPad Forum Runner Client.

* Sort by post time on "Participated" tab in "Current"
* Add support for HTTPS forums
* Various bugfixes

Rob J
Forum Runner Developer

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Default 12-15-2010, 02:32 PM

* Do not allow "upside down" view on non iPad devices
* Add setting to change general font size in various locations in app

* Fix issue with "Share" button choices not rendering properly on iPads
* Add support for "Thanks" mod (if your forum supports it)
* Add "Copy Link" to in-app browser
* Various bugfixes
* Fix issue with "Participated" tab searching by the beginning of your
username (on certain forum types)
* Fix issue with myBB inline attachments not being correct tag

* Fix rendering issues with older generations of iPod/iPhone and Forum Runner
* Fix issues with iOS 3.x and Forum Runner

* iOS 5 compatibility fixes

* Fix issue with IP.Board and loading more than the first page of threads in
"Current" tabs
* Add "Clear Stored Logins" to Settings to clear all saved forum credentials
from the iOS device's keychain
* Fix issue with broken images viewed in threads with spaces in URL

* Fix issue with XenForo and Multi-Quote replies crashing
* Add IP.Board Support
* Fix issue with subscriptions page reloading at improper times

* Fix issue with Ban button showing up in certain scenarios on profile (forum
would not allow the ban anyway - just a UI issue)
* Fix issue with branded apps not saving favorite forums in Subscribed->Forums
on app exit

* Major UI Overhaul
* Allow uploads of avatar from your profile by tapping the avatar(1)
* New profile screen including views to show new profile fields
* Photo album support(1). Create albums and upload photos to the gallery!
* New advanced message editor that allows you to easily manage your attachments as well as post links and your location
* Attach inline images in the advanced message editor
* List your favorited subforums inside the app at "Subscribed->Forums"(1)
* Delete your own posts from Advanced edit screen (if you have permission)(1)

(1) - Requires forum add-on to be updated
* Fix issue with XenForo conversation recipients not being readable because of the grey background
* Fix issue with not being able to delete subscriptions by swiping
* Fix issue with attachment uploads that end up with an error not being removed from list
* Add "Refresh Login" setting to "Forum Reading" page. Allows you to disable the re-login to forum when re-launching Forum Runner from the background.

* Fix issue with thumbnails viewed in Forum Runner not working with forums
with vBulletin thumbnails disabled
* Add support for native registration via the app (requires forum add-on
* Remove "Login/Logout" menu. Login now done via buttons on the "Forum" menu,
and Logout now done via "Profile" menu

* Fix issue with XenForo Conversations tapping the individual item bringing
FR to random post view
* Fix issue on iPhone where if you rotate screen during prefix choice, app
becomes unusable
* Add support for myBB forums
* Fix issue with "Save to Photo Album" being inadvertently removed

Rob J
Forum Runner Developer

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Default 05-05-2011, 11:01 AM

* Add ability to share posts via Facebook (requires forum add-on upgrade) or E-Mail
* Modify "Current" menu to have 3 tabs: "Last <x> Days", "Last Visit", and "Participated".

Last <x> Days - shows all threads from the last # days (this is configurable under Settings->Forum Reading Options->Current # Days Back
Last Visit - shows all unread threads since your last visit
Participated - shows all threads that you have replied to in the last 3 months
* Add support for "Search Titles Only"

* Add Vietnamese localization
* Fix issue with XenForo forums and loading 2nd page of conversations crashing
* Add support for in-app post "Like" in XenForo forums

* Fix issue with sessions timing out on phpBB when app is in the background for a while (Permission denied issues)
* Add setting to disable remote thumbnailer (if thumbnails are not showing up in the threads properly)
* Add new setting to lock Forum Runner in Portrait (Settings->Forum Reading->Lock to Portrait)
* Add beta support for XenForo forums

* Fix issue with iOS 3.1.3 and Forum Runner crashing
* Move "Settings" into the app! For main Forum Runner app, choose "Settings" from the home page. For branded versions of the app, choose "More" then "Settings"
* Make thread list stop refreshing from the server when you "back" out of a thread
* Add Green/Red/Yellow status indicators for online while in a thread or on a user's profile (requires forum add-on upgrade)
* Add "Report" ability for posts (requires forum add-on upgrade)
* Move "Quote" and "Edit" icons to new menu bar (along with "Report"). To pull this menu up, tap the header of a post. Future menu items will go here.
* Support [COLOR], [I], [B] in main thread view (requires forum add-on upgrade)
* Add new signature settings allowing you to customize your signature
* Add new forum reading settings to allow you choose if you want to see the first or last post in a thread on thread summary screens

* Fix issue with some posts not displaying properly (lines not showing up) in thread view
* Fix PM page not showing blue dot for new PMs
* Fix Subscription page not showing total posts in subscribed threads
* Add "Show Avatars" setting to enable/disable display of avatars in the app

* Add support for displaying HTML, BBCode markup, and animated smilies in posts by tapping the post body you want to view (Requires forum to update add-on to latest version)
* Add basic smilie support (more to come)
* Add total number of posts in a thread to the thread summary. This will be a gray background if no new posts, or a highlighted color background for new posts.
* Add support to append Forum Runner signature ("Posted from my <device> using Forum Runner"). This can be enabled in Settings. The forum owner has the option to disable this feature for their forum.
* Add support for forum owners to customize icons and color
* If a forum has prefixes and does not require them, add "No Prefix" option to selector rather than just relying on "Cancel"
* Add "Report" button for parse errors coming from forums to help narrow down issues
* Add German localization

* Fix issue with forums that disable attachments completely allowing Forum Runner to attach images
* Fix issue with "Jump to Last Forum" setting causing some UI issues
* Fix issue with Removing a Favorite forum and not being able to add it as a favorite again in certain cases
* Add "Pull Up To Refresh" to the bottom of screens so you can now pull up to refresh if you are at the bottom of the list.
* Enlarge iPad thumbnails of attached images when in the "See All" screen

* Add "Pull to Refresh" to all screens.
* Add "Delete as Spam" and "Ban User" to moderation controls. To delete thread/posts as spam, in a thread, tap "Action Button", tap "Moderation Menu", tap "Delete Posts" or "Delete Thread", then you will be presented with "Delete as Spam" if you have access.

To access "Ban User", go to the user's profile you wish to ban and tap "Ban User".

* Add Setting so that the "Current" menu will fetch new posts since your last visit instead of just getting all posts from the past few days. You can change this setting in:

iPhone Settings->Forum Runner (Or Branded App)->New Since Last Visit

* Add setting to show signatures of users
* Fix a couple UI issues

* Fix an issue with uploaded images coming out tiny when they are configured to be larger
* Various speed improvements

* Image attachments/links now appear inline as opposed to all bunched up at the bottom of the post (forum requires plug-in update)
* Revamp of thread summary - add avatar and more information (forum requires plug-in update)
* Fix issues with cookie handling and forums with database thread marking disabled
* Fix issue with not being able to log out old push notification credentials if you changed your password on the website
* Change color of forum icon depending on presence of unread subforums/threads

* Fix issue with push notification count not being reported properly in
certain corner cases

* Fix major issue with iPhone 3G/3Gs and forums running Google AdSense

* Add support for various moderation tasks such as stick/unstick threads, open/close threads, delete/move threads, delete posts, etc. Note this requires an update of the add-on software on the forum to the latest version.
* Refresh Private Messages/Subscriptions in iOS 4 when app enters foreground
* Refresh badge count in iOS 4 when app enters foreground
* Add support for viewing and voting on polls through Forum Runner. This includes presenting a pie chart with visual breakdown of poll options.
* Add support for vBulletin 4.0 CMS through Forum Runner (note, target forum must install latest version of add-on and enable CMS support!)

* Add support for iOS 4 fast app switching
* Add support for Multi-Quote (tap individual post headers to select the posts you wish to multi-quote, then tap "Multi-Quote" from the action menu
* Fix issue with "Scroll To Top" via tap at top of screen sometimes not working

* Native iPad Support
* Add "Home" link to upper right action button for quick "Home" screen access
* Add "Open in Browser" to upper right action button in thread view for threads that have embedded HTML, etc.
* Fix a few various UI issues

* Initial phpBB support
* In forums with prefixes, show the prefix in the forum summary

* Add support for making subforums Favorite - to use, simply drill down to the subforum you wish to make a favorite, hit the "Action" button in the upper right corner, and choose "Add to Favorites"
* Added "Help" tab for online help - this will be updated as questions come in.
* Fix various UI Issues
* Add setting "Show Thread Preview" which will allow you to disable thread previews and display more threads per page
* Fix issue with people who declined push notifications just getting a black screen on launch

* Add favorites toggle to Current tab (still exists in Profile tab as well)
* Fix issue with icons on launcher being removed in certain cases of favoriting/unfavoriting
* Add support for forum owners to configure Google AdSense
* Add "Who's Online" tab
* UI tweaks

* When jumping from a push notification into Forum Runner via 'View', jump to the forum that sent you the notification.
* Fix issue with cancelling attachments before they are done uploading.
* Fix timeout issue with long-running attachment uploads.
* Fix issue with "Jump to Last Unread Post" occasionally not scrolling to the correct post.
* Add "Edit Post" ability while viewing threads

* Fix issue with tabs not saving after being changed via "More"
* Add ability to jump to last unread post in addition to first or last page of a thread (via "Settings")
* Add ability to jump to last visited forum when app restarts (via "Settings")
* [VB4.0] Fixed issue with "Current" showing a popup "Permission denied" if searches are disabled for unregistered users and the user is not logged in.
* Decrease icon push notification badge when subscribed thread/private message is read (rather than having to reload the 'home page')

* Initial Release of ForumRunner

Rob J
Forum Runner Developer

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