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Default Customizing The LOOK AND FEEL of your Forum for your users - 12-21-2010, 12:19 PM

Forum Administrators now have the ability to customize the general look and feel of the experience their users will get when they jump into their forum via the main Forum Runner app.

There are several items that can be configured, and they are listed below.

Change the Background Color of the Headers

By default, the header background is the Forum Runner blue color. You can change this in Forum Runner Settings. You can reach this via vBulletin Options->Forum Runner or by phpBB AdminCP->Forum Runner.

Either way, there is a field for you to specify a hex RGB value in the format #RRGGBB. Once you specify this and save it, any users coming into your site will be see the color for their header background. For example here are default and modified color schemes:

Change the Icons for Forum Listings

By default, there are blue and grey "bubble chat" icons to represent forums in Forum Runner. The blue is for forums with new posts, and the grey is for forums without new posts.

You can modify what images are displayed to your users when browsing your forum. Please note that the icons created *MUST* be a square PNG file (transparency/alpha is suggested. You should create these icons with a resolution of 64x64) and all icons created must go into the:


If you want to change the default icons for ALL of the forums on your site, the images should be named:

forum-default-new.png: Shown for all forums as the default when there are new posts in this forum/subforum
forum-default-old.png: Shown for all forums as the default when there are not any new posts in this forum/subforum

If you want to customize on a per-subforum basis, you will need to know the forum id of the forum in question. You can get this through the Forums setting in the admin control panel. Once you know the forum id, you can use the following filename format:

forum-<forum_id>-new.png: Shown for this subforum when there are new posts in this forum. This overrides the default icon above.
forum-<forum_id>-old.png: Shown for this subforum when there are not any new new posts in this forum/subforum

Also note, if you do not have a "-old.png" file specified, it will just use the "-new.png" file.

If you want to change the default icon for forums that are links, you can do so by following the naming convention:

forum-default-link.png: Shown for all forum links
forum-<forum_id>-link.png: Shown for this subforum which is a link

Examples of the default screen versus a customized screen are below:

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Rob J
Forum Runner Developer

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